Multiple Awards Wins at the 2009 Leo Awards Ceremony

The Stargate franchise has wiped the floor with the competition at this year’s 2009 Leo Awards ceremony winning 14 impressive awards out of the 27 nominations the franchise received.

Stargate Atlantis was named best TV series which won a total of 9 awards for its final season.

Stargate Continuum was named best feature length movie which won a total of 3 awards.

Michael Shanks was named best leading actor.

And executive producers Brad Wright and Robert Cooper won the awards category for outstanding lifetime achievement award.

A full break down of awards winners will be announced shortly.

1 thought on “Multiple Awards Wins at the 2009 Leo Awards Ceremony”

  1. Tell me if stargate atlantis won the catergory for best television show and took all 9 awards then why on earth did the sci fi channel cancel this fantastic and obviously hugely popular show.

    The sci fi channel stinks and i for one will boycot everything stargate universe as its pretty obvious they cancelled the show in favour of universe!

    Congratulations though to the stargate family

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