Stargate Revolution Is The Working Title For The Third SG1 Movie

The working title for the third Stargate SG1 movie has officially been revealed by Joseph Mallozzi, and is to be entitled ‘Stargate Revolution’.

Stargate Revolution will reunite the cast of the long-running show, including former lead Richard Anderson.

Although Stargate Extinction was given the green light by MGM back in Spring 2009 for production, MGM placed it on the back burner much as it did for its counterpart for the Stargate Atlantis movie ‘Stargate Extinction’.

The script for SG1 movie has been written by Brad Wright and Carl Binder, who are presently serving as executive producers on Stargate Universe. Brad Wright informed fans at this year’s Vancouver Stargate Convention that “I had a story idea that would bring O’Neil back in a big way, and would be set sometime between Continuum and the start of Stargate Universe”.