Amanda Tapping Interview, Stargate, Sanctuary and More

The multi talented actress Amanda Tapping has taken time out of her busy producing, and acting schedule to sit down and complete an exclusive interview.

You can read an excerpt of the interview below:

Q. Do you ever get tired of people asking you about Stargate?

Amanda Tapping: No, I don’t because I’m still doing Stargate so it’s still part of my life and it’s a huge part of my career and what I’ve done. It’s hugely important to me so no, I don’t get sick of people asking me about Stargate and it’s still relatively fresh.

Q. What was your reaction to being asked to lead the Atlantis expedition?

AT: Hugely flattered, massively flattered that they would consider me for that. Then I had the question as to whether this was the right thing for me to be doing, whether Carter was the right choice to lead and Joe [Mallozzi] and Paul [Mullie] actually sat me down and came up with such a compelling argument for me. They’re so approachable. They made it so easy for me to say yes. For me it was the perfect contract, I’d had Olivia and I was able to still spend a lot of time with her and still do the show, it was only 14 episodes out of the 20 and everything about it was just “this works, this works really well”.

Q. The character changed considerably from SG1 to Atlantis, do you feel that she changed too much?

AT: I do a little bit yeah. I made a conscious choice off the top to make her out of her comfort zone, to be a leader that was about listening to her team and throwing it out to them more often than making the decisions for herself. I tried to make her as respectful in this new situation as possible and I think in doing so watered her down a bit and then I think that we didn’t have the opportunity to flesh her out as a leader as much as we would have liked. And it was weird to watch teams going through the gate and to be staying behind, it was really hard at first. I was like “well, I should be on that mission, I might be able to help out” but what Cater was trying to do was make sure that the team felt respected, that their positions were all safe and they felt respected and that was Carter’s MO as a leader and I think in some ways she could have shown a bit more strength. When she was able to show backbone she showed it but I think we could have fleshed her out a bit more.

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