MGM 2008 Exhibition in Natpe

At Natpe 2008, MGM will be an official exhibitor and will host client meetings. In addition to various other shows, MGM is bringing an array of programming including the sci-fi series Stargate Atlantis to the convention. MGM will also bring two programming packages to Natpe including “MGM Presents,” a syndication wheel, which features the shows … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Nominated For Outstanding Visual Effects

The Visual Effects Society (VES) today announced the nominees for the 6th Annual VES Awards ceremony recognizing outstanding visual effects in over a dozen categories of film, television, commercials and video games. Nominees were chosen Saturday, January 5, 2008 by numerous panels of VES members who viewed submissions at the FotoKem screening facilities in Burbank. … Read more

Behind The Scenes Of Harmony

It’s a well-known mantra in show-business – never work with children or animals. Both can be unpredictable, stubborn and unruly. But then, the Stargate Atlantis producers have never been sticklers for the rules, and why should they be when there is talent such as that of young Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland to be tapped? Ferland … Read more

Season Four Ratings Pick Up

Stargate Atlantis started its fourth season with a 1.2 rating for viewer audiences in the United States; however these did dip slightly in recent episodes until ‘Be All My Sins Remembered’ aired. This episode earned a fantastic rating and all time high of 1.4. ‘Be All My Sins Remembered’ has returned Stargate Atlantis to its … Read more

Atlantis Archive Completes A Huge Overhaul

The Atlantis Archive team have been working extremely hard, to provide a high quality portal for all Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Fans out there globally.As part of our continued efforts we have launched many new sections covering a vast array of content including: An extensive photo collection of every Stargate Atlantis episode to date, Interactive … Read more

A New Year, And A New Season Begins Filming

The offices at Bridge Studios, Vancouver, will burst into life again this week as the earliest pre-production on Stargate Atlantis’ fifth year gets underway. Back from their end-of year break, and with work on season four fully complete, the producers and writers will reconvene to create another full season of adventures for the hit show. … Read more

Close Up With Brenda James

When screen romantic leads spring to mind, Doctor McKay of Stargate Atlantis isn’t necessarily top of the list. He can be difficult, arrogant and insensitive – and yet it seems, there’s someone for everyone, even in the Pegasus Galaxy. That ‘someone’ for Rodney has, for the past three years, been the city’s quiet botanist, Doctor … Read more

The Stranded Comic

In the last few years, the SCI FI Channel has really given mainstream networks a run for their money with such popular hits as Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Stargate Atlantis and the recent stand-alone mini Tin Man. In an effort to cater to its loyal fan base even more, SCI FI recently teamed up with Richard … Read more