Production Notes: by Joe Mollozzi

Each month, we aim to bring you a round up of what’s been happening in the production offices of Stargate: Atlantis. Here, Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer and showrunner, gives us an update on the progress of season four.

When it gets to this point in the season – once filming has wrapped – the producers turn their attention to the all-important process of post-production for the second half of show’s year.

“The last thing we watched was the day one mix of ‘Midway’. That’s the episode where Teal’c comes over,” Mallozzi reports. Teal’c is of course played by Stargate SG-1 star Christopher Judge, reprising his popular role from Stargate: Atlantis’ parent show. “It’s a terrific episode. Chris is great in it, and it’s just great to be working with him. The crew love having him as well, he’s such a jolly, warm and demonstrative individual. The exact opposite of Teal’c, ironically! So it was really nice to have Chris back.”

This isn’t the first time fans have seen the character of Teal’c this season, as he previously popped up in a little scene with Colonel Carter (Amanda Tapping) in ‘Reunion’.

“I said, way back, that I wanted to have a goodbye scene back in the base, and I contacted Chris about it,” explains the executive producer. “He just said, ‘No problem, whatever you guys need me for.’ I thought that was so classy – and we ended up writing an episode for him. It was a great, great script by Carl [Binder].”

Though viewers will be happy to see Teal’c again, the same didn’t go for all of Atlantis’ characters.

You’ve got Ronon and Teal’c first fighting each other and then fighting together,” Mallozzi reveals. “Given the type of person Ronon is and the reason Teal’c is there, Ronon really doesn’t appreciate his presence – and makes it known! Teal’c realizes that the only way you’re going to get the respect of a guy like this is to throw down with him, so BamBam (stunt coordinator James Bamford) did this great fight sequence where the two of them square off. Both of them had a really great time, and if possible we’d love to have Chris back for another episode.”
Teal’c isn’t the only Stargate SG-1 face that Mallozzi hopes to see visiting the Pegasus Galaxy someday, either.

“Definitely Michael Shanks,” says the showrunner. “Late last season I told him I would love to have Daniel on Stargate: Atlantis. He said to give him a call. So I did, a couple of weeks ago. I told him the situation, and he said he would be interested in coming over. So now it’s a matter of getting the right script or scripts together. We’d love to have him, and if Teal’c could come and do another script or two, that would be great as well.”

Regarding what the production office is currently working on, Mallozzi says, “We [also] watched the day one mix of ‘Harmony’, which is one of my favorites.”

‘Harmony’ will air on 25 January 2008, as episode 14 of the season, and sees Sheppard and McKay looking after a precocious teenager, the Harmony of the title. Heir to the throne of her planet, they must escort her as she participates in a customary rite of passage. “It’s another great script by Martin Gero,” Mallozzi promises, “and a great guest appearance by Jodelle Ferland (as Harmony). The chemistry between her and Joe and her and David was just great – and we love to have her on the team. Other than that, we’ve just been approving visual effects and finishing up season four.”

Though still deep in work on finishing up this season, there are a few hints Mallozzi is prepared to give regarding what viewers can hope to see when Stargate: Atlantis returns for its fifth year.

“We want to address some of the issues that are left unresolved at the end of season four,” says Mallozzi. “In fact, actually, season four ends in a big way. The final shot in particular will leave fans hanging on to that cliff! It’s a huge cliff hanger ending. That was always our plan, and fortunately we got the pick-up, so we’ll be able to continue where we left off at the end of season four and answer those questions.

“One of the things I will say that we will be concentrating on in season five is the introduction of new races – friend and foe.”

Interview Courtesy of The Official Stargate Web Site