Robert C Cooper Knows How Stargate Universe Will End

Stargate Universe co-creator Robert C. Cooper has revealed that he knows how the Syfy drama will end. He told Collider that he has a plan for how the show might eventually conclude, but admitted that he is still uncertain what will happen in future episodes. “[I know] why the Ancients sent the ship out there … Read more

Robert C Cooper Theres More To Life Than Just Stargate

Robert C. Cooper has loved the Stargate franchise so much, he has pretty much spent his entire career with it, spanning three television series, a couple network homes, and a new approach with “Stargate: Universe.” But even the best things sometimes have to come to an end. “You don’t get into the business to do … Read more

Robert C Cooper Departs The Stargate Franchise

Robert C Cooper is one of the leading men behind the entire Stargate Franchise, hes been with the franchise since Stargate SG1’s first season and its a sad day to hear that he will no longer be working behind the scenes on Stargate. Here is the official entry from Joseph Mallozzi A short and early … Read more

Cooper Wins Writers Guild Award For Stargate Universe Episode Time

The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION ‘Trotsky,’ ‘Stargate Universe,’ ‘Less Than Kind’ win writers guild awards By: THE CANADIAN PRESS 19/04/2010 9:02 PM TORONTO – Writers who penned episodes for the TV shows “Stargate Universe” and “Less Than Kind” – and the script for the upcoming movie “The Trotsky” – were celebrated Monday at the … Read more

Executive Producer Robert Cooper Talks Stargate Universe

In this exclusive interview courtesy of Cinema Spy, Executive producer Robert C Cooper talks about his 12 years on the Stargate Franchise, the future of Stargate Universe and all importantly how he feels the show is progressing. You can read an excerpt of the interview below The affable Cooper told us that one of the … Read more

Is It All Over For Stargate Atlantis And SG1 Fans

With the recent announcement from Robert C Cooper regarding the current fate of Stargate Extinction and the still untitled third SG1 movie we can only assume that the studios have no plans on delivering either films to eager fans. Whilst this announcement does help to provide an insight as to what is actually going on … Read more

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper Nominated in 2009 Leo Awards

Brad Wright and Robert C Cooper have been nominated in the 2009 annual Leo Awards Ceremony for their hit Science Fiction franchise ‘Stargate’ in the Outstanding Achievement Awards category. Fans of the franchise will know that the word ‘Stargate’ isn’t just used to describe one show it encompasses; Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, and … Read more