Is It All Over For Stargate Atlantis And SG1 Fans

With the recent announcement from Robert C Cooper regarding the current fate of Stargate Extinction and the still untitled third SG1 movie we can only assume that the studios have no plans on delivering either films to eager fans.

Whilst this announcement does help to provide an insight as to what is actually going on behind closed doors in the decision making department, it doesn’t really provide much help or even a small light beam of hope.

We can only assume this announcement is intended as a prior warning shot that neither films will happen and the studios have blown what little budget could of remained on the upcoming Stargate Universe production.

It will be interesting to see how fans react to such news, along with ratings when universe officially begins airing globally from October 2nd 2009.

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This article is an editorial article and does not represent any official news announcement and is merely the views of the writers. The Stargate Archive accepts no responsibility for any offence this article may cause.

7 thoughts on “Is It All Over For Stargate Atlantis And SG1 Fans”

  1. i know this is only an editorial article but it proper sucks that the studios have done this and its pretty obvious that this is the case after the announcement thing from robert c cooper in the previous article to this one.

    i for one am not a happy stargate fan and can only guess that the studios have put the nail in the coffin for many of us hardcore die had atlantis and sg1 fans.

    lets face it they cancelled atlantis to push this rubbish out the door in the first place and people slated atlantis fans

    lets see how sg1 fans react now that their third movie isnt going to have a go either

    not at all a happy stargater!


  2. Ar no way – I hope this gets turned around. Stargate fans have been waiting for these films to happen for ages now. It certainly won’t do universe any favors (ratings wise) if they dont get the go-ahead. Many atlantis fans have already turned their backs on the franchise, this really would put the final nail in the coffin. Someone start a campaign to get them back on track!

  3. I can’t believe they are doing this to us. I for one will not happily sit by and watch them dump SG-1 and SGA for the new crap (SGU) they are trying to push on us. SGU is NOT Stargate and will always be looked upon as just another version of Startrek. It WILL flop, just look at the polls, nobody wants it. SG-1 and SGA worked SGU will not.

  4. Talk about spreading rumours! The studios haven’t DONE anything, nobody with any say has said that there will not be any movies and to spread such rumours does no favours to the fans.

  5. As stated at the end of this editorial article.

    This article is an editorial article and does not represent any official news announcement and is merely the views of the writers. The Stargate Archive accepts no responsibility for any offence this article may cause.

  6. I’ve been afraid of this as they keep putting off set filiming dates, even for SG-1 which supposedly had the greenlight. I get the feeling they were stringing the fans along just assuming everyone would just watch SGeww. I will NEVER watch the new show. Not only did they cancel SGA, but Brad Wright and Joe Mallozzi seem to go out of their way to insult Atlantis and to an extent SG1, the Atlantis cast and the fans. They won’t take responsibility for their actions, just blame Beckett fans or say that fans will watch the new show because it’s Stargate. Well, to them I say, this fan will not support them or SGeww. The whole premise of the show, the cast and the production/writing team leave me cold. If an SGa and SG1 movie is produced I’ll be there with bells on because of my loyalty to the actors and the characters that I love. Until that time, I am over and done with Stargate and anything with the names Brad Wright and Joe Mallozzi.

  7. I dont think that they ever intended making an Atlantis film. This was just to keep the fans happy when they announced the cancellation especially so close to announcing the development of SGU. What the suits dont realise is that it is the fans that make any project successful. We are the ones who keep up the ratings and buy the merchandise. You only have to look at the name of the Atlantis
    "script" – Extinction- to guess that this was all a big joke on the loyal Atlantis fans.
    I for one have no interest in yet another "dark" tv series – if I want to watch a series "All about survial" – I will watch the news.

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