The First Stargate Atlantis Movie Stargate Extinction Future Left Uncertain

Rachel Luttrell has said she can’t confirm rumours of a big screen version of Stargate: Atlantis.

The hit US show has just reached its finale, but Rachel said she had a feeling that there was more from the format to come, although stories of a movie version were “still rumours”.

The actress, who has spent the past five years playing Teyla Emmagan in the sci-fi series said: “It’s left with like a big kind of question mark and a dot, dot, dot and a kind of a sigh.”

She continued: “In a way that’s kind of a good thing because it lends itself to maybe a little bit more or if not at least you know the imagination of the fans to decipher where they think the characters may end up going.”

Taking in London about a prospective big screen version of the show she said: “I really wish that I could solidify something but even for us we don’t know, it’s still in the rumour mill,” she said.

Adding: “I am sure that there is somebody who knows, but I don’t know it’s not me, it’s not me. The last I heard was that we were going to be shooting in November, but we’ll see, once again big rumour, big rumour.”