Jodelle Ferland Cast In 'Eclipse' But Will She Be Playing Bree?

Jodelle Ferland may be an unfamiliar name to the Stargate Franchise but fans will remember her, for he appearance in the episode Harmony from Stargate Atlantis’s fourth season.

With production beginning in a matter of weeks on the third “Twilight” film “Eclipse”. Jodelle Ferland is to star as a 14-year-old will play a “vampire who has just been turned.”

Jodelle FerlandWith Victoria enlisting a villainous army of newborn vampires to ravage Seattle in “Eclipse,” Jodelle could be any one of the unnamed bloodsuckers; however, Twilighters Anonymous is theorizing that Jodelle could be playing Bree, a member of the army who surrenders to Carlisle before eventually being killed by the Volturi. Jodelle certainly is a physically accurate match for the newborn vamp who is described as a beautiful 15-year-old with dark hair.

Whether or not she’s been cast as Bree, It looks like “Eclipse” will be a bit of a reunion for Jodelle and Kristen Stewart who worked together in the 2007 flick “The Messengers.” Jodelle has several other credits to her name including T.V. shows “Smallville,” “Supernatural” and “Stargate: Atlantis,” and she can also be seen in the upcoming film “Case 39” alongside Renee Zellweger.

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