Joseph Mallozzi Looks Back On His Time With The Stargate Franchise

The multi talented Joseph Mallozzi has spent over 10 years working with and on the Stargate Franchise, during this time he has had the chance and opportunity to work with some of the most famous faces in national television to date.

Joseph has taken time out of his busy producing schedule, on Stargate Universe and Stargate Extinction to sit down, and write about some of his fondest memories of a few of the fantastic and terrific actors and actresses.

Here is the list

Michael Welch – Young Jack (Fragile Balance, SG-1 season 7).

Welch, perhaps better known for his role as Luke Girardi in Joan of Arcadia, out-Ricked Rick himself when he took on the role of Young Jack, raising eyebrows by nailing everything from O’Neill’s cadence to his unique mannerisms.
Neil Jackson – Khalek, Wraith (Prototype SG-1 season 9, Vegas Atlantis season 5)

He’s a brilliant actor and works a lot, but given his immense talent he should work even more. He delivered one of Stargate’s most deliciously evil performances as Khalek, the Anubis offspring in SG-1‘s ninth season, then delivered an equally nefarious turn as the poker-playing wraith in Vegas.

Jodelle Ferland – Young Adria, Harmony (Flesh and Blood, SG-1 season 10, Harmony, Atlantis season 4)

Whenever I used to watch Dakota Fanning, I never saw her a “child star”. She was simply a great actress. And I feel much the same way about Jodelle who blew us away as the Young Adria in SG-1’s Flesh and Blood. So much so that when we were looking to cast a precocious young princess, we immediately thought of her and offered her the role – before the script was even finished! She’s incredibly accomplished for someone so young. When she was shooting Harmony, she not only had all of her own lines down pat, but would even prompt her fellow actors when they forget theirs.

Brendan Beiser – Tavius, Weaver (The Tower, Atlantis season 2, Memento Mori, SG-1 season 9).

A couple of wonderfully calculated and controlled performances had me standing up and taking notice. His dinner scene in The Tower was my personal highlight of the episode while his wordless reaction to Teal’c’s whispered suggestion in Memento Mori still makes me chuckle.

Reed Diamond – Bryce Ferguson (Stronghold, SG-1 season 9)

The Homicide: Life on the Street vet delivers big time in his role as Cam Mitchell’s dying buddy in SG-1’s ninth season episode Stronghold. Over the course of the single episode, he brings to life a character so genuine and likable that his end touched even the most stoic of stone-hearted producers. That would be me. Hey, I hear he’s on Dollhouse!

Ryan Robbins – Ladon Radim (Various episodes, Atlantis)

Atlantis had it’s fair share of recurring villains, but none quite had the depth and daring of Genii Ladon Radim. Here was a sometime adversary and occasional ally who both charmed and schemed with equal aplomb and, at the end of the day, always seemed to find a way to come out on top. Ryan’s nuanced performance always kept the audience guessing.

Kari Wuhrer – Nancy (Outcast, Atlantis season 4)

When I think back to Kari’s guest spot on Atlantis, I remember her as much for what a sweetheart she was off-camera as I do her terrific performance as Sheppard’s ex-wife. She was perfect as the captivating, whip-smart Nancy.

Malcolm Scott – Caius (The Ties That Bind, SG-1 season 9)

Malcolm delivers one of my favorite comic performances as the colorful intergalactic swindler Caius in The Ties That Bind. Hilarious.

Mike Dopud – Bounty Hunter, Kiryk (Bounty, SG-1 season 10, Tracker, Atlantis season 5)

Former stuntman Mike Dopud excels where so many others crash and burn, pulling off characters both tough and ultimately sympathetic. It’s a tricky balance but Mike makes it seem effortless.

Reiko Aylesworth – Sharon (Life, Universe season 1)

Alas, I never had the opportunity to meet her but going from Carl’s on-set reports, Reiko is a delight to work with. On the other hand, I did see her dailies and watched her performance