Important Site Announcement – Please Read

As you all may be aware Stargate Atlantis is to be cancelled after its 5th season airs later next year as a result the show on a weekly basis will come to an end. However it has been promised that there will be feature movies for Atlantis much as there has been for Stargate SG1. … Read more

Atlantis Archive Will Remain Open

With the recent announcement that Stargate Atlantis is to be cancelled after its 5th Season, the Atlantis Archive team would like to re-assure all fans of the show that the site will remain open! We have no plans to close down the Atlantis Archive and our entire content will remain online and fully accessible for … Read more

Directors Cut Stargate Continuum Part 2

Filming inside the Arctic circle isn’t just difficult, it’s almost impossible. For a start, getting there requires special transport and cooperation from the military, and once you’re there, you need some place special to stay. Besides which, there’s no chance of having a standard television production ‘circus’ on an Arctic shoot – and that means … Read more

Are You Using Our Free Services?

Here at the Atlantis Archive we have made available a number of free services, to allow our visitors to be kept constantly up to date on the Stargate Universe in more ways than ever before. We have more free services available than  any other site. We have a suite of seven completely free services available … Read more

Atlantis Archive Launch New Services

The Atlantis Archive team are pleased to announce that we have launched several new services recently which are aimed to make it even easier to keep up to date on all the latest happenings from the world of Stargate. We’ve just finished the roll out of our RSS feeds which now allow you to be … Read more

Atlantis Archive Press Release

With the world of Stargate being quite at the moment the Atlantis Archive have been working hard behind the scenes upgrading and adding new functionality to our services. We’ve also been hard at work answering fans questions and discussing possible new services to add to our current offerings. We are pleased to announce that we … Read more