Atlantis Archive Will Remain Open

With the recent announcement that Stargate Atlantis is to be cancelled after its 5th Season, the Atlantis Archive team would like to re-assure all fans of the show that the site will remain open!

We have no plans to close down the Atlantis Archive and our entire content will remain online and fully accessible for years to come, we also plan to keep updating the site on a daily basis with new information as and when it is released.

With the rumour mill turning regarding Stargate Universe we will of course follow this new show in depth as we have done for Stargate Atlantis, you can also now access the site via our new web address at along with the current address

Users of our free services do not need to worry they will continue as they have always done including our free email service.

The Atlantis Archive team would like to thank everyone for your continued support since we first launched our portal back in October 2007, and hope that you continue to visit the site for the many years to come.

Stay tuned to the Atlantis Archive for all the latest news and developments in the Stargate franchise.

Kind Regards,
The Atlantis Archive Team