Important Site Announcement – Please Read

As you all may be aware Stargate Atlantis is to be cancelled after its 5th season airs later next year as a result the show on a weekly basis will come to an end. However it has been promised that there will be feature movies for Atlantis much as there has been for Stargate SG1.

As a result we have taken the action to re-brand the site from the Atlantis Archive to the Stargate Archive as of today, where we intend to keep on tracking all of the latest news and developments with Stargate Atlantis as and when they happen, like we have in the past.

We also plan to launch a comprehensive episode guide to cover all episodes of Stargate SG1, along with the up and coming season that is rumoured to be released in the summer of 2009 Stargate Universe.

We have decided to take this action as a team to ensure that our loyal and valued visitors keep returning time and time again in the coming months, and celebrate the franchise on a whole whilst still providing everyone with a centralised access point for all things Stargate.

All of our free services will remain completely free, users of our free email services do not need to worry this service will continue as it always has without being cancelled. We have also purchased until the year 2018 which will show our dedication as a team to maintaining this site and all the services that we offer.

Don’t worry though you can still access the site using the same address you have always known, nothing has changed regarding accessing the site or contacting any member of the team just a new name.

Moving forward we plan to continue operations as we always have, the only part that has changed is the name of our site you will still receive the same level of service you have always experienced and all team members who work on the site have remained the same.

We look forward to an exciting future with you all, and would like to thank everyone for your continued and ongoing support.

Stay tuned for new services, and more coverage of the Stargate franchise.

Kind Regards,
The Stargate Archive Team

1 thought on “Important Site Announcement – Please Read”

  1. Im so glad that this site is staying open, as its a fantastic resource for information and images without annoying banner adds + your free services are fantastic.

    Im looking forward to the future of the site and im so happy that its staying open.

    Keep up the good work

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