Stargate Archive Re-launches Free Email Service & Expands Into Blogging

The Stargate Archive is pleased to announce that we have re-launched our free email service, allowing all users to register their very own email addresses completely free of charge. Our email services are powered by Microsoft and all come with 5gb of free email storage which grows as your demands change, you have complete … Read more

Unforeseen Site Down Time Due To Recent Server Attacks

The Stargate Archive team would like to personally apologise for the recent down time at the Stargate Archive which first resulted in our news service being taken offline for urgent upgrades and repairs. Unfortunately these attacks continued and brought the site down for a maximum period of 72 hours globally; as a result we have … Read more

Free Email Service Expansion and

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the functionality of our free email service. Previously you were only able to register a free email address, but as of today the same email address will also be the same This expansion in functionality doesn’t require a new account registration and is … Read more

Are You Making The Most Of The Stargate Archives Free Services

The Stargate Archive has a whole host of free to use services that can keep our valued visitors constantly up to date on the latest and greatest from the Stargate Franchise, and the Stargate Archive. We have several services available which allow you to be kept constantly up to date on all the latest news … Read more

Availability Is Running Out On A Free Email Address

The Stargate Archives free email service which allows our users to register their very own email address completely free of charge is fast approaching limited availability for new addresses. If you havent already registered your free email address or would  like to find out more about this service simply head on over to our … Read more

Free Email Service Expantion

We have just expanded our free email service, you can now register your very own email address which comes complete with 5gb of email storage and can be accessed either online or via your home computer. We have also ended signups for our domain name, however users of this service do not need … Read more

Important Site Announcement – Please Read

As you all may be aware Stargate Atlantis is to be cancelled after its 5th season airs later next year as a result the show on a weekly basis will come to an end. However it has been promised that there will be feature movies for Atlantis much as there has been for Stargate SG1. … Read more

Atlantis Archive Will Remain Open

With the recent announcement that Stargate Atlantis is to be cancelled after its 5th Season, the Atlantis Archive team would like to re-assure all fans of the show that the site will remain open! We have no plans to close down the Atlantis Archive and our entire content will remain online and fully accessible for … Read more

Are You Using Our Free Services?

Here at the Atlantis Archive we have made available a number of free services, to allow our visitors to be kept constantly up to date on the Stargate Universe in more ways than ever before. We have more free services available than  any other site. We have a suite of seven completely free services available … Read more