Atlantis Archive Press Release

With the world of Stargate being quite at the moment the Atlantis Archive have been working hard behind the scenes upgrading and adding new functionality to our services. We’ve also been hard at work answering fans questions and discussing possible new services to add to our current offerings.

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our news delivery system to the latest version, and we have also added an entire range of new functionality in response to visitor feedback.

One of the newest features that we have added allows you to rate any article in our news system. We’ve also changed how our services interact with social bookmarking, and ¬†search engines, allowing for greater interactivity.

We have great news the Atlantis Archive Fan Network will be launching soon, were still keeping details of this new service a secret until it is officially live. However we are happy to announce that it will allow for even greater access for all Stargate fans, in accessing the entire Stargate community.

Finally, we have received an overwhelming response asking if we plan to launch a service similar to Gate Wold Play, well we have great news. We can confirm that as of today we have launched our very own in house You Tube player.

With the launch of this exciting new service we are immediately able to offer access to ¬†1000’s of stargate related videos that can be watched and viewed at anytime directly from the Atlantis Archive. As an added extra you will never leave the Atlantis Archive site as we have fully integrated this new service directly in to our online portal.

The Atlantis Archive team would like to thank everyone for your continued support and your valued feedback. All feedback that we receive helps to shape the Atlantis Archive, all suggestions and ideas are welcomed and highly appreciated.

The Atlantis Archive Team