Robert Carlyle A Man Alone On Board The Destiny

How would you react if you were told you could never go home again? That’s the situation the heroes of Stargate Universe are faced with when they are marooned in deep space, a long way from Earth. Naturally, the news is a difficult pill for everyone to swallow —except for Dr. Nicholas Rush. The scientist … Read more

Will Joe Flanigan Become The New Jim From The Rockford Files?

The Hollywood Reporter has recently mentioned Matt Dillion’s name as one of the actors the producers were pursuing for the remake of this iconic show, but in the past few days the Twitter ‘verse has been alive with fans voting in their thousands, campaigning for Joe Flanigan to become the new Jim from the Rockford … Read more

Stargate Universe To Feature 30 Online Web Episodes For Download

The Stargate Franchise keeps growing in popularity with its latest expansion onto the World Wide Web. According to the shows main leading man of all things Stargate Brad Wright, has confirmed in his recent interview with the Toronto Star that the shows third spin off franchise will becoming to the World Wide Web. A total … Read more