Stargate Universe To Feature 30 Online Web Episodes For Download

The Stargate Franchise keeps growing in popularity with its latest expansion onto the World Wide Web.

According to the shows main leading man of all things Stargate Brad Wright, has confirmed in his recent interview with the Toronto Star that the shows third spin off franchise will becoming to the World Wide Web.

A total of 30 webisodes will be produced and will be available from the Canadian Sci Fi website.

Brad Wright is quoted as saying

Battlestar Galactica also entertained fans with a webisode miniseries between seasons of that show, and other sci-fi shows have been quick to make the quantum leap to web TV. Toronto-born executive producer Brad Wright says he’ll be steering the new Stargate Universe in that direction. He plans to produce 30 short webisodes all built around a flying camera ball called Kino.

“It’s flying around and spying on people,” he says. “They are literally just voyeuristic scenes we’re shooting specifically for the web.” Wright says he has an entire production unit dedicated to the task. “It’s an extra way to get a window on our program and gives fans a slice of life look at our ship.” (Look for it on Space’s website once the show is launched this fall.)

Wright and others get the word loud and clear at events such as Comic-Con that fans demand and expect extra web content. Stars and producers from such non sci-fi shows as Fox’s Bones told critics at press tour that they were mobbed by fans who can’t get enough of their adventures.

Whether the online web episodes will make an appearance globally is still unknown.