Beau Bridges Joins Joe Flanigan In The RockFord Files?

The remake of the ‘Rockford Files’ has added yet another acting great. The Emmy-nominated Beau Bridges will join the all-star cast of David Shore-produced revamp. Beau will play the part of Rocky, Rockford’s dad and a truck driver who’s pretty helpful, but tends to offer unsolicited advice. In the original 1970s series starring James Garner, … Read more

Will Joe Flanigan Become The New Jim From The Rockford Files?

The Hollywood Reporter has recently mentioned Matt Dillion’s name as one of the actors the producers were pursuing for the remake of this iconic show, but in the past few days the Twitter ‘verse has been alive with fans voting in their thousands, campaigning for Joe Flanigan to become the new Jim from the Rockford … Read more