Announcing Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect Instant Registration and Login

The Stargate Archive is pleased to announce the complete integration of Facebook and Twitter into the sites core services. From today you can now login and register for the sites community forums, and news publishing system using your Facebook or Twitter account. If you’re already registered for any of the sites services with an existing … Read more

Stargate Archive Expands Social Networking Platform

The Stargate Archive are always looking for new and innovative ways for our valued visitors to interact with the huge amount of free content that we provide, and we are pleased to announce that we have just launched a new service called ‘Friend Feed’. Our Friend Feed service allows our valued visitors to interact with … Read more

Unforeseen Site Down Time Due To Recent Server Attacks

The Stargate Archive team would like to personally apologise for the recent down time at the Stargate Archive which first resulted in our news service being taken offline for urgent upgrades and repairs. Unfortunately these attacks continued and brought the site down for a maximum period of 72 hours globally; as a result we have … Read more

Keep Upto Date With The Stargate Archive On Popular Social Networking Sites

With the popularity of social networking services growing ever faster in today’s modern connected world, the Stargate Archive have extended our portal to allow our valued visitors to interact with each other in more ways than ever before through your own choice of social networking platform. You can stay completely up to date with everything … Read more

The Stargate Archive Launches It's Own Facebook Group

The Stargate Archive has today launched its own Facebook group to allow all fans of the franchise to interact in a completely open and free online community. The new group is being trailed out by the team to see how our visitors and fans of the franchise interact in today’s modern social networking society. The … Read more

Joe Ybarra and Rod Nakamoto Interviewed

In a recent interview with two of the key figure heads involved in the highly antcipated Stargate Worlds, Joe Ybarra and Rod Nakamoto – talk about their plans, the concept of mass-market, and the future of content distribution. The interview was conduted by Games Industry, here is an excerpt of the interview. You say you’re … Read more

Season Five Aiming For July 11th Premiere

It has already been confirmed that Season Five of Stargate Atlantis will be making its debut appearance in July 2008, instead of the expected fall schedule by many fans. Although the cable network has not yet officially announced a start date for the new season, July 11th has ¬†appeared this week on promotional material at … Read more