Stargate Worlds Post Launch Free Content

During a recent interview FireSky head Dan Elggren has revealed the companies post-release content plans for the up and coming Stargate Worlds. During the interview he confirmed that subscribers can expect a level cap increase from 50 to 52, new story lines, new worlds, new abilities and all armour sets all for free. Here is … Read more

Stargate Worlds Appearing At GC 2008

FireSky has announced that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainments highly anticipated and upcoming MMORPG Stargate Worlds will be showcased at this year’s GC 2008. Fans attending the premier game convention in Europe will see in game video footage where you will discover thriving alien worlds, explore ancient civilisations and much more. Stargate Worlds will allow you to … Read more

New Stargate Worlds Promo Video

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and Firesky are in full force at this year’s Comic-Con event, showing off new in game footage of the up and coming massively multi player, online role playing game Stargate Worlds. Watch the footage below.   Stargate Worlds official release date is fast approaching, and is due to be released sometime in … Read more

Comic Con 2008 Panel Lineup

The official line up for the July 25th 2008 Comic-Con has been announced and for Stargate fans it is going to be extremely hectic and busy morning / afternoon. The line up is as follows: Stargate Continuum 10:45am till 11:45am Panellists include: Brad Wright, Martin Wood, and (subject to availability) stars Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda … Read more

Joseph Ybarra At The ION Conference

Stargate Worlds was represented by FireSky’s Joseph Ybarra at the recent ION Conference held this year in Seattle Washington from May 13 – 15 2008. Gamasutra’s Wendy Despain and Matthe Kumar reviewed Ybarra’s presentation in which he epxress the hope that he has for the Future MMORPGs developed by his company. Here is an excerpt … Read more

Questions And Answers With The Stargate Worlds Team

Stargate Worlds, the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the Stargate SG-1 universe, has been confirmed as in development since the beginning of 2006. Cheyenne Mountain announced the game as its first project, and later announced that it would be self-publishing the game under the banner of a new publishing studio called FireSky. … Read more

Joe Ybarra and Rod Nakamoto Interviewed

In a recent interview with two of the key figure heads involved in the highly antcipated Stargate Worlds, Joe Ybarra and Rod Nakamoto – talk about their plans, the concept of mass-market, and the future of content distribution. The interview was conduted by Games Industry, here is an excerpt of the interview. You say you’re … Read more

FireSky To Publish Stargate Worlds

FireSky is pioneering the development and publishing of games for Social Networks At Playâ„¢ (SNAPs), a unified theory of online gaming that combines social interaction, economies and game play across a variety of titles. The FireSky team calls this evolution “Project: Ascension.” This project – currently under wraps – will bring gamers together in new … Read more