Alaina Huffman On Stargate Universe Season One

Stargate Universe actress Alaina Huffman has taken time out of her hectic schedule to sit down with the guys over at the Sy Fy channel for an in-depth interview on Stargate Universe season one, being a full time working mum, her role on Smallville and much, much more. It was notable right from the start … Read more

Inside The 34th Edition Of The Stargate Magazine With Julia Benson

Tough, compassionate, loyal, determined and, at times, like most human beings, a little too emotional —those are just some of the qualities belonging to Stargate Universe‘s Lt. Vanessa James. She and several fellow soldiers —as well as dozens of scientists and civilians —found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through no fault … Read more

Sky1 Confirms Previously Announced Stargate Universe Return Date

It’s official Sky1 has confirmed that Stargate Universe will return to television screens in the United Kingdom on Tuesday the 13th April 2010 in its original time slot of 8pm. The Stargate Archive released this return to air date several weeks ago before any other Stargate fan site, below you can watch yet another sneak … Read more

Brian J Smith Interviewed In The 33rd Stargate Magazine Edition

When Lt. Matthew Scott signed up for military service, he never imagined just how much it would one day change his life. People who do join may expect to serve their country, while some are following in the footsteps of family or friends, and others want to make a better life for themselves. Few expect … Read more

Exclusive Four Minute Sneak Peek From Stargate Universe Premiere

Watch an exclusive four minute preview from the Stargate Universe premiere coming to a television station near you from the 2nd October worldwide. Unfortunately this video featurette is currently only available for viewing for residents in the United States of America.

More Stargate Marathons Ahead For Eager Stargate Fans

The Stargate marathons keep on rolling in on the way to the official launch of Stargate Universe. Coming this Friday September 25th to a television station near you in the United States of America, eager Stargate fans can watch fan favourites from the entire 10 seasons of Stargate SG1 with exclusive sneak peeks of the … Read more

A Few Behind the Scenes Shots of the Icarus Base from Stargate Universe

Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has been kind enough and finally been allowed by the studios to publish a few sneak peek behind the scene pictures of Stargate Universe. The pictures below are featured from the multi episode season openers Air I, Air II and Air III. More behind the scenes images to follow shortly