Joe Ybarra On Cheyenne Mountain's Massive Plans

In a recent interview with Gamasutra Joe Ybarra discusses all things Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. Here is an excerpt of the interview. With years of industry experience stretching back to the earliest days of Electronic Arts, and other pioneering studios – he’s produced games including The Bard’s Tale, M.U.L.E., Starflight and Wasteland, Joe Ybarra has seen … Read more

Christopher Judge In 'Stargate: The Ark of Truth'

When SCI FI Channel cancelled Stargate: SG-1, MGM quickly greenlit two direct to DVD movies which would continue the storyline. ¬† The first of these, The Ark of Truth, out today, completes the series by wrapping up the Ori storyline. ¬† Actor Christopher Judge, who plays the alien Teal’c recently set down for an exclusive … Read more

GDC 2008 – Stargate Worlds Update

A wise man named MacGyver once said on television, the source of all great truths, that “I learned something a long time ago: never laugh at what you don’t know.” This television off-the-cuff genius later moved on to play Colonel O’Neill, one of the anchor characters for Stargate SG-1, the popular science fiction spin-off series … Read more

Atlantis Archive Owners, Launch New Portal

The owners of the Atlantis Archive have completed a re-launch of their online portal, shifting their focus towards the highly competitive media industry. The Atlantis Archive is owned by a United Kingdom based company called Organic Solutions; they have been established in the ¬†internet media industry since 1999, with over 9 years of expertise under … Read more

Exclusive: Paul McGillion Talks Star Trek (and Gate)

In a recent interview with Trek Movie, Actor Paul McGillion discusses his new role in Star Trek, and his momentous return to Stargate Atlantis. TrekMovie: When your character was written off of Stargate Atantis during the 3rd season, it sparked a fan campaign, something well-known to Trekkies. What was that like for you? Paul McGillion: … Read more