Atlantis Archive Owners, Launch New Portal

The owners of the Atlantis Archive have completed a re-launch of their online portal, shifting their focus towards the highly competitive media industry.

The Atlantis Archive is owned by a United Kingdom based company called Organic Solutions; they have been established in the  internet media industry since 1999, with over 9 years of expertise under their belts; they are a successful and thriving company.

The Atlantis Archive team would like to re-assure everyone that this announcement does in no way reflect the day to day running of the Atlantis Archive.

The site will continue as it has done since our launch in October 2007, and you can expect to receive the same high quality level of dedication that the team have always shown.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, competitions, and exclusive announcements.

The Atlantis Archive Team

1 thought on “Atlantis Archive Owners, Launch New Portal”

  1. This announcement is very exciting.

    Its nice to know that a fan site is owned and run by a large media company, and a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about their work.

    It makes me feel safe in the knowledge that the site will be continously updated without being shut down at some point in the future.

    After all if a large media firm owns the site, then they will of invested heavily in its creation and back end operations.

    Fantastic site by the way. Keep up the good Work.

    Amanda Fan

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