Gatecon Conventions To End In 2010 With An All Star Line-up

The popular fan ran conventions provided by the legendary Gatecon have decided that 2010 will be their final year of holding the annual event.

Here is the official announcement

After twelve years and ten highly successful conventions staged in Canada and the United Kingdom, the owners of Gatecon have opted to wrap their fan-favorite Stargate events. The final convention will be held July 8-11, 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia at the Sheraton Wall Centre.

“Gatecon has had an incredible run, and the fans, actors, and studios have been amazingly supportive of us, but we have decided to go out on a high note after our tenth convention. With corporate events dominating the convention landscape now more than ever, we have shown that a quality product can be achieved with the right mindset and that quality over quantity is the way forward”, said Richard Pasco, one of Gatecon’s owners.

Gatecon was born in 1998 when fans of television’s Stargate SG-1 were chatting online and bemoaning the lack of merchandise for the show. From those discussions came the idea of hosting a convention for the show – but none of the show fans had even attended a convention, let alone put one together. With perseverance and determination, the first Gatecon was held in 2000, just outside Vancouver Canada, where the show was filmed. Cast and crew from the show attended and were greeted by eager fans. Even the head of MGM Television, Hank Cohen, impressed with the fan support and determination, flew up from Los Angeles to attend that first convention.

Jump forward ten years and Gatecon is stronger and bigger than any of the core group could ever have imagined. It has become a firm favorite with fans and guests alike. Most of the principle cast and crew have appeared on the Gatecon stage. It has become a vessel for substantial fundraising, raising more than a quarter-million dollars for the Make a Wish Foundation, as well as more for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Gatecon has also created an entity that none of the organizers could possibly have envisaged – one of Family. People from all corners of the globe have used their annual vacations to return to Vancouver, or the UK, to meet up with like-minded folks who have forged friendships as strong as any family bond. People have met at Gatecon and later married, proposals have taken place at the event, as has a wedding ceremony. Some who met at Gatecon have since traveled around the world to support friends in times of joy and sorrow. It is this unique strength of family values that kept Gatecon going, and it is an atmosphere that astounds the cast, crew and guests who arrive as strangers, but leave after three days as part of the extended Gatecon Family.

“We are sad to see our conventions end,” said Pasco, ” but we know the bonds that have been formed, and the friendships born out of Gatecon will be our enduring legacy.”

The convention list has expanded considerably since the initial announcement back in July (original news here), tickets are still available to order for this fantastic event over at the official Gatecon website.