MGM Officially Shuts Down The Stargate And The Franchise

Its official, fans hoping there would be a Stargate Universe movie, or any continuation of the series will not get what they are looking for. Executive producer Brad Wright shared the bad news with fans at the Vancouver creation event on Wednesday, which has finally begun the official mourning of the spin off. “To quote … Read more

Stargate Universe Cancellation Lessens Hopes Of Stargate Atlantis Movie

With the breaking news last week that MGM (the studio who owns the Stargate Franchise) has completed its bankruptcy restricting protection and securing an additional $500 million in new financing, the next big question will be where will the studio if at all devote any of this funding to the Stargate Franchise? In a new … Read more

Michael Shanks Dishes On His Latest Projects Including Stargate Universe

Veteran actor Michael Shanks who many Stargate fans will recognise for his memorable role as Dr. Daniel Jackson, has taken time out of his busy schedule to sit down and answer a few questions on his latest project and his upcoming cameo appearances on Stargate Universe. You can read the full interview below: Let’s start … Read more