Time Is Running Out In Our Bumper Stargate Competition

As part of our 1 year anniversary we are also launching an exclusive birthday celebration competition which will end on the 6th November 2008. If you would like to enter for your chance to win a bumper Stargate package which includes:

  • Complete SG1 box set seasons 1 to 10
  • Stargate Atlantis seasons 1 to 4 box set
  • The Ark of Truth
  • Stargate Continuum

All you have to do is locate the following five images which have been placed around the site, and decipher what the symbols say. Once you have your answers simply email them in to us for your chance to win. There can be only one winner in this competition.

This is an example image

The images can be located in the following locations:

  • WIthin the polls section in the forum
  • Season five episode 10 summary
  • Audio files page
  • Lbrary fan fiction page
  • Fee email service