The Stargate Sales Keep On Coming

The Guys and Gals over at Amazon are continuing with their huge promotion of Stargate related materials. Not only do they have the complete Atlantis season box set for a fantastic price, they are now offering the entire 54 disc collection of the entire 10 seasons of Stargate SG1 for a mind boggling price of … Read more

Why The Stargate Movie Still Holds Up 15 Years Later

It’s probably been 15 years since I last saw Stargate, although it’s no particular fault of the film’s; indeed, it’s director Roland Emmerich’s earliest movies as a mainstream Hollywood filmmaker that have enjoyed the most longevity, or at least audience affection. (In comparison to Independence Day or even Universal Soldier, it’s hard to imagine that … Read more

Stargate Novels now in e-book format!

Fandemonium’s Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis Novels are now available in e-book format. Many of the Stargate titles are already on Amazon Kindle and will soon be available  via the Sony reader and other formats.  Click here to see the selection currently available.