Stargate Worlds and Stargate Resistance Websites Close

As we indicated in our previous announcement, as of January 16, 2011, we are unfortunately no longer able to sell or operate Stargate Resistance. We are actively evaluating options for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Inc. and its products, and will update you as soon as additional information is available. Thank you for your continued support.

CME Loses Stargate Video Game License Stargate Resistance Ending January 2011

The realm of the Stargate gaming world doesn’t appear to be going very well, first the flagship and highly anticipated Stargate Worlds studio went into administration and never managed to get the game out of the door. Now the studio that purchased Stargate Resistance ‘Dark Comet Games’ has had its licence from MGM revoked and … Read more

Stargate Worlds Studio Looses Licence

Stargate Worlds” was announced as an upcoming MMO from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment back in 2006, thanks to a deal with MGM Studios. Despite winning a court fight over SG assets, however, CME has lost their license to develop anymore SG games. They managed to rush out “Stargate Resistance,” but “Worlds” doesn’t look like it’s going … Read more

Stargate Resistance Game Update Adds New Map

Stargate Resistance is a fast-paced and deadly 3rd person shooter for control of the entire Stargate galaxy. The system lords believe they are the true masters of the Milk Way, and have begun a savage campaign to dominate and enslave the known worlds. Stargate Command operatives are the first line of defense against this menace. … Read more

Stargate Resistance Update Released

Stargate Resistance notes for patch Newness: Weapons: Scientists have become overly ambitious attempting to throw numerous beacons to aid their team. Their equipment has been reconditioned by Ops to utilize the respawn / cooldown system much like grenades and claymores. For example, if a scientist turret explodes while a beacon is placed, the beacon … Read more

Dark Comet Games Aquires Stargate Resistance

As of March, 2010 Dark Comet Games, LLC entered into an agreement with Firesky, LLC for the maintenance, operation and development of Stargate Resistanceâ„¢. Dark Comet Games, LLC is a newly formed company comprised of the original developers of Stargate Resistanceâ„¢, and has been able to continue development and expansion of this project without delay, … Read more

The Lights Go Out For Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, And Resistance Is Sold On

The lights have officially gone out on Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment development has halted, on the long awaited and seriously overdue Stargate Worlds and their latest release Stargate Resistance has been sold to a new studio. The company itself has debts, liabilities and obligations in the region of $16 Million, $1.1 million being in payroll alone … Read more

More Drama For Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment

Tim Jenson, the current CEO of Stargate Resistance developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has spoken to Examiner to answer questions pertaining to their >ongoing difficulties. According to Jenson, there is confusion as to who actually runs the company, following the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings by ousted CEO Gary Whiting. Jenson in quoted as saying Mr. Whiting … Read more

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Resistance Still Supported

It’s official the development Studio behind the long-awaited and overdue Stargate Worlds and the recently released Stargate Resistance has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the United States of America. This recent announcement and declaration throws into doubt the release of Stargate Worlds, with the game still several months away before completion  it looks increasingly … Read more

Stargate Resistance Gets Off To A Rocky Start

Stargate Resistance may of launched yesterday however Direct2Drive customers who have pre-ordered the game have been unable to access it. Customers who paid up front for the FireSky title were left without keys or the option to download the game when it went live. FireSky quickly remedied the situation though, offering temporary keys until D2D … Read more