Why The Stargate Movie Still Holds Up 15 Years Later

It’s probably been 15 years since I last saw Stargate, although it’s no particular fault of the film’s; indeed, it’s director Roland Emmerich’s earliest movies as a mainstream Hollywood filmmaker that have enjoyed the most longevity, or at least audience affection. (In comparison to Independence Day or even Universal Soldier, it’s hard to imagine that … Read more

Over 20 New Videos Added To The Stargate Archives YouTube Channel

The Stargate Archive are pleased to announce that we have just added over 20 new videos to our own in-house YouTube channel featuring clips from the first 5 episodes of Stargate Universe, teaser trailers, documentaries, ¬†feature-length clips and much more. The Stargate Archives YouTube channel is available for access direct from the site without having … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Season Five Special Disc Featurette Preview

With the release of the fifth and final season of the Stargate Atlantis box set only days away in some areas of the world, special featurette clips are beginning to leak from the behind the scenes documentaries and footage. Watch the first instalment below where producers discuss challenges the weather posed to the filming of … Read more