MGM resurrects Sci Fi series with pics

“Stargate: The Ark of Truth,” the first of two direct-to-video movies based on the long-running “Stargate: SG-1” TV series, will debut March 11 on DVD, MGM Home Entertainment is set to announce today. The film concludes the primary story line of Season 9 and Season 10, picking up after “Unending,” the series finale. Amanda Tapping, … Read more

The Right Direction – Part One

The director’s first aired episode of the season was ‘Missing’, which finds Doctor Keller (newcomer Jewel Staite) and Teyla (Rachel Luttrell) forced to save themselves from a fierce warrior tribe called the Bola Kai. Mikita recalls that the most challenging aspect of getting this episode from the script to the screen had to do with … Read more

Close Up With Christopher Heyerdahl

Christopher Heyerdahl has been part of the Stargate: Atlantis universe since the pilot, ‘Rising’, though in his current incarnation, the Canadian actor is completely unrecognizable. Heryerdahl was originally cast as Teyla’s Athosian confidant and advisor Halling, who moved to the City along with his son. Gradually, however, we saw less and less of Halling, and … Read more

Close Up With Torri Higginson

When we left the Pegasus galaxy at the end of season three, no one knew what fate had in store for Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Injured during Atlantis’ frantic flight into space in ‘First Strike’, viewers have had to wait until now to find out – literally – just what was going on in her head. … Read more

Deck The Halls

Part of what makes the places that viewers see on screen during a Stargate: Atlantis adventure so believable is the amount of detail in the surroundings. The department charged with turning a set into a multi-layered space is called set decoration. Once production designer James Robbins has designed another fabulous environment and the construction department … Read more

Close Up With Kate Hewlett

Viewers first saw Jeannie Miller – neé McKay – in season three episode ‘McKay and Mrs. Miller’, but the idea of the character has been around right since season one. Actor David Hewlett liked the idea of having his younger sister, also an actress, guest star on the show, and when an opportunity came along, … Read more

The Ark Of Truth – Release Date

Stargate The Ark Of Truth is coming to a home television screen near you soon. The mystery will soon be solved. Will the Ori be defeated? What will happen now the Asguard are no more? Find out the answers coming this spring. This morning our friends in the home video retail world got an update … Read more