Stargate Resistance Update Released

Stargate Resistance notes for patch

Newness: Weapons:

  • Scientists have become overly ambitious attempting to throw numerous beacons to aid their team. Their equipment has been reconditioned by Ops to utilize the respawn / cooldown system much like grenades and claymores. For example, if a scientist turret explodes while a beacon is placed, the beacon will now disappear and the Scientist will also have to wait for the full 15 second cooldown to place another.
  • New animations for the Goa’uld when healing or attacking players with the ribbon device, the arm will now animate on all clients.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a spelling error on CTT gametype messaging when returning the System Lord tech
  • UI audio feedback now in place when selecting the Jaffa on the SL class screen, matching other classes.
  • A few blocks have had their collision adjusted on Amarna
  • Temple to prevent players from phase shifting and hiding in them.
  • Holding Tab while a match ends will function as if you closed the tab screen prior to the game ending and no longer draws overlapping screens.
  • The achievement “In the Middle of my Back Swing” now fits within one line on the class stats page.
  • Loading and objective screens now display properly for each planet
  • Committing suicide will now incur death properly for both teams and display a suicided message.
  • Idle kick rules will now apply to players idle on the class select screen.


  • Projectile based weapons can now go beyond the invisible roof of Leonops (shhh… don’t tell Mahes it’s a bubble).
  • Scientist’s attempting to place a healing dispenser will no longer get two beacon placements per click.
  • Jaffa melee attacks will now ignore the ‘red x’ system.

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