More Drama For Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment

Tim Jenson, the current CEO of Stargate Resistance developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has spoken to Examiner to answer questions pertaining to their >ongoing difficulties.

According to Jenson, there is confusion as to who actually runs the company, following the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings by ousted CEO Gary Whiting.

Jenson in quoted as saying

Mr. Whiting filed the bankruptcy – no one else at the company was aware that this was being done.   Other officers of CME have wanted the bankruptcy dismissed but since the courts have not yet determined who is in charge, it remains in bankruptcy.   Once a receiver or trustee in appointed, the bankruptcy may be dismissed, but this is uncertain at this point.

Interestingly, despite Cheyenne’s complaints about dodgy dealings whilst under the leadership of Whiting, their replacement, Jenson, also has a sordid past, having been investigated by the >Securities And Exchange Commission.