Latest Stargate Official Magazine #28

An interview with Stargate: Atlantis writer Martin Gero is one of the highlights of the latest issue of Stargate Magazine, which looks back at five memorable seasons of the show over 100 pages.   Also included is all the information we know so far about Stargate: Universe. Interview’s with Ryan Robbins and Mark Savela (Special … Read more

Official Stargate Magazine #27

Issue #27 of The Official Stargate Magazine will be available from the 24th February (US).   This issue will cover a exclusive visit to the set of Atlantis on the last two days of filming, spotlight on Amanda Tapping, interview with Christopher Heyerdahl, production design exclusive, re-visiting Atlantis episode ‘Rising’ and much more… Find Out … Read more

Stargate Magazine Exclusive

The Official Stargate SG1/Atlantis Magazine: How did you feel last season about McKay developing a relationship that led to a marriage proposal? David Hewlett: It was neat. That episode was so funny because I came onto the set and was like, “Look, here’s the deal. You have a beautiful botanist on a little tropical paradise … Read more

Stargate Magazine Exclusive

The latest Stargate magazine issue 23 is currently on sale and features an exclusive interview with the cast of SG1 on the recent movie releases and success. Read the excerpt below to find out more. So, two Stargate movies in a year – is that just the right amount of Stargate for you? Could you … Read more

Stargate Magazine Exclusive

Chris Heyerdahl is like the Jekyll and Hyde of Stargate: Atlantis. The Vancouver native kicked off season one as the benevolent Athosian Halling, but later shifted gears by transforming into the conniving and deadly Wraith known as Todd. However, long before Heyerdahl even stepped into the Pegasus Galaxy, he encountered the Stargate SG-1 team as … Read more