Robert Picardo on His Life in Science Fiction Franchises

Robert Picardo has taken time out of his busy production schedule to sit done with Movie Hole to complete an extensive interview, on his life in various science fiction franchises and his plans for the future. You can read an excerpt of the interview below: Were you a fan of Star Trek when you were … Read more

Sebastian Pigott Auditioning For Stargate Universe

The young and up and coming actor Sebastian Pigott who appeared on Canadian Idol, and who will be starring in his very first TV film entitled “Working on the Edge,” is currently auditioning for an unconfirmed part in Stargate Universe. As the show is aiming towards having a younger cast than Stargate SG1 and Stargate … Read more

Stargate Magazine Exclusive

The latest Stargate magazine issue 23 is currently on sale and features an exclusive interview with the cast of SG1 on the recent movie releases and success. Read the excerpt below to find out more. So, two Stargate movies in a year – is that just the right amount of Stargate for you? Could you … Read more