Stargate Magazine Exclusive

The latest Stargate magazine issue 23 is currently on sale and features an exclusive interview with the cast of SG1 on the recent movie releases and success. Read the excerpt below to find out more.

So, two Stargate movies in a year – is that just the right amount of Stargate for you? Could you get used to that?
I could, but you know what was weird? When we were wrapping Stargate: Continuum, some of the cast made the comment, and I felt the same way, that it felt like we should just be getting started, we were just getting into our groove and where are the other 16 episodes? Two a year would be great, but we felt a little short changed with the amount of time that we got up there.

Did you enjoy shooting the movie?
We had a wonderful time shooting the movie. We had a whole refrigerated set, they built a freighter on the sound stage, there was so much cool stuff. And things that really we haven’t seen in 10 years of Stargate SG-1. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a submarine coming up through the ice while we’re standing there, and it’s a real submarine. I don’t think there are many movies that could get a real submarine coming through the ice, if any! We spent a week shooting in the Arctic, again something exceedingly rare for actors and a crew to do.

Everybody who was there raves about the Arctic – what was your favorite part of the trip? Amanda and I were walking out on an ice plate in the middle of nowhere. As you’re walking you’re hearing all these creaking noises and hollow sounds, and you don’t know how thick the ice is, if you go in, the water is 27 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’re not going to last very long. Every mound looks like a polar bear and we’re just walking out. It’s this helicopter shot and they’d done two passes and on the third pass Amanda and I decided to lay down in the snow and make snow angels as the helicopter went over!

What are you up to at the moment? Are you still writing?
I am still writing which is an ongoing process, and I am auditioning, and right now I’m coaching pole vault, ‘because you know, my afternoons are pretty clear and it seemed like a fun thing to do! So we go and run around with a pole and have a good time. It’s such a cool sport. It’s hard to convince people that this is a sport they wanna do. To me, it seems perfectly reasonable – take this 15 foot fibre glass rod, run down the way, you put it in the thing, you swing upside down and you fly over the bar! To me that sounds like fun!

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News article courtesy of the Official Stargate Website