Joe Flanigan Thanks The Fans In Latest Stargate Magazine

In the latest issue of the Stargate Magazine Joe Flanigan takes a moment to thank the fans for all of their support over the past 5 years  during his time on Stargate Atlantis.

You can read an excerpt below:

“Yes! I’m going to miss you guys a lot. I hope that you are with me on the next project. It’s been an awful lot of fun, and I hope I get to do science fiction for the rest of my life. I do. The fans are awesome. I was warned that I might have weird experiences with sci-fi fans, but I didn’t have any weird experiences. The truth is I don’t think it’s weird to be loyal and passionate. My wife is loyal and passionate although she can also be interpreted as weird.”

“But the truth is, it’s just been an incredible pleasure for me to be able to do something that has a fan base that you get reaction from you get gratitude. A lot of the time, you shoot things-I did 11 network pilots in a row-and they don’t get seen, so you’re kind of in a void. You’re thinking, “That was a really good show, it’s too bad nobody saw it!” But this, this people watch and get into and respond to.”

The latest edition of the Stargate Magazine is on sale right now from all good news agents and also  online.