Stargate Universe and Sanctuary Receive 17 Leo Nominations

The nominations  are in for the 2010 Leo Awards and newcomer Stargate Universe has earned itself an impressive 17 nominations. Also former Stargate legend Amanda Tapping has received an impressive 17 nominations for her off-screen  project Sanctuary, along with her former co-star Michael Shanks for his appearance in the episode ‘Penance’. You can see a … Read more

Stargate/Sanctuary Stars in ‘Beyond Sherwood Forest’

Sanctuary’s Robin Dunne will be playing the lead role of Robin Hood  in SyFy’s tv movie ‘Beyond Sherwood Forest’.   Directed by Peter Deluise (Stargate Director among other credits) and also featuring Smallville’s Erica Durance (appeared opposite Chris Judge in one SG1 episode) as Marion.   Also, featuring the Ori’s Doci Julian Sands, SG1’s Bill … Read more

Peter DeLuise Returns To Directing In Universe

Peter DeLuise will make his directorial return to the Stargate Franchise. Peter will be directing Universe’s fourth episode entitled ‘Fire’ which has been written by Brad Wright. Peter has had a long history within the Stargate Franchise and has directed episodes such as ‘Family Ties’, ‘The Defiant One’. Not much is currently known regarding the … Read more

Close Up With Kavan Smith

He has presented a solid, quiet and reassuring presence in Stargate Atlantis since the show’s second season. But what many viewers may not know is that Evan Lorne’s history with Stargate Command – and that of actor Kavan Smith – goes back far further than that. Way back, in fact, to before even Stargate SG-1 … Read more

Win Dinner With Paul McGillion & Jewel Staite

A group of actors and actresses  on both sides of the border are going online to raise money to fund the cancer treatment for one of Vancouver’s most popular actresses Babz Chula, who has currently battling cancer. Chula, the perennially youthful veteran of nearly four decades in Vancouver’s movie, theatre and music scenes, needs an … Read more

Behind The Scenes: Midway Part Two

As far as Stargate Atlantis’ stunt coordinator James Bamford is concerned, Ronon and Teal’c’s confrontation in ‘Midway’ has been inevitable for quite some time. “This fight has been building up since season two, when the Ronon character was introduced,” he says with a laugh, “because fans have been writing in continually, asking me, ‘Who would … Read more