For The First Time Ever Stargate Comes To Hero Cards

For the first-time ever, the various realms of Stargate – Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and the all-new Stargate Universe – come together in one awesome collection! The base set will focus on the heroic men and women of the past Stargate TV programs, including Jack O’Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal’c, Cameron Mitchell, John Sheppard, … Read more

The First Half Of Stargate Universe To Arrive On DVD February 2010

Fox and MGM have announced the first Stargate Universe released, entitled “SGU 1.0” the 3 disc set is due for released on February 9th 2010 and will feature a vast array of extended and special content. The contents of the three disc release are below: Air (Part III) Extended Version Darkness Light Water Earth Time … Read more

Stargate Franchise To Get Its Very Own Comic

Its official the Stargate Franchise is heading to a comic book near you! Dynamite Entertainment a popular and well known media publishing power house, has announced a new agreement with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) for a comic and series of graphic novels based on the entire Stargate Franchise. “Stargate is truly a crown jewel when … Read more

Latest Stargate Audio CD – 'Impressions'

Big Finish – the company that creates the Stargate Audio dramas has released another CD to add to your Stargate collection.    ‘Impressions’ features Major Lorne (voiced by Kavan Smith) and is approx. 60 minutes long. “Plagued by blackouts, painting strange pictures in his sleep, Major Evan Lorne begins to fear that he’s losing his … Read more

Official Stargate Magazine #29

On sale on the 16th July (UK) is the latest edition of the Official Stargate Magazine published by Titan Magazines.   Included in this edition: News on the 3rd SG-1 film Special Effects Interview’s with Robert Carlye and Michael Shanks Top 10 Stargate Devices Conventions New Fiction Look back at a classic episode Pull-out posters … Read more

Stargate Atlantis The Complete Series Collection Available For Pre-Order

The entire collection of all 100 Stargate Atlantis episodes is now available for pre-order for all die hard Stargate Atlantis fans. The complete series box set collection is slated for an October 6th release in the United States of America with a current guide price of $181.99. Global release dates have so far been unconfirmed … Read more

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 Box Set Available For Pre-order

The fifth and final box set of Stargate Atlantis is now available to pre-order with an expected release date of 30th June 2009. The box set art below is currently being circulated by Fox Home Entertainment to various retailers however this artwork still hasn’t been confirmed as 100% official. The Stargate Archive would like to … Read more

Pre-Order Stargate Atlantis Season 5 DVD Volume's 1-5

Stargate Atlantis Season 5 DVD volumes 1 to 5 are now available for pre-order. Each volume will contain 4 episodes from the  last season, along with extra features.    Here are the release dates (region 2) for each DVD volume: Volume 1: 11/05/2009 Volume 2: 25/05/2009 Volume 3: 08/06/2009 Volume 4: 22/06/2009 Volume 5: 06/07/2009 … Read more