Close Up With Christopher Heyerdahl

Christopher Heyerdahl has been part of the Stargate: Atlantis universe since the pilot, ‘Rising’, though in his current incarnation, the Canadian actor is completely unrecognizable. Heryerdahl was originally cast as Teyla’s Athosian confidant and advisor Halling, who moved to the City along with his son. Gradually, however, we saw less and less of Halling, and … Read more

Close Up With Torri Higginson

When we left the Pegasus galaxy at the end of season three, no one knew what fate had in store for Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Injured during Atlantis’ frantic flight into space in ‘First Strike’, viewers have had to wait until now to find out – literally – just what was going on in her head. … Read more

Close Up With Kate Hewlett

Viewers first saw Jeannie Miller – neé McKay – in season three episode ‘McKay and Mrs. Miller’, but the idea of the character has been around right since season one. Actor David Hewlett liked the idea of having his younger sister, also an actress, guest star on the show, and when an opportunity came along, … Read more

Production Notes: by Joe Mollozzi

Each month, we aim to bring you a round up of what’s been happening in the production offices of Stargate: Atlantis. Here, Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer and showrunner, gives us an update on the progress of season four. When it gets to this point in the season – once filming has wrapped – the producers … Read more