Jason Momoa Conan Is A Reveng Film

Conan the Barbarian star Jason Momoa has revealed that the upcoming reboot of Robert E. Howard’s popular character is effectively a “revenge” film. Momoa, who currently stars in the HBO medieval drama Game of Thrones, plays the titular character in Marcus Nispel’s upcoming relaunch of the franchise this August. “It kind of is an origin … Read more

Jason Momoa Says His Conan Will Be Based On Robert E. Howard’s Novels

Later on this month, former “Stargate Atlantis” star Jason Momoa will begin filming his part as the title character in director Marcus Nispel’s new “Conan” film, which is based on the popular barbarian warrior created by Robert E. Howard. And while Arnold Schwarzenegger’s turn as Conan in “Conan the Barbarian” and “Conan the Destroyer” has … Read more

Will Jason Momoa Become The New Conan?

Conon is a reboot of the barbarian saga created by Robert E. Howard, rumors about who will step into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, uh, loincloth are centering in part on Stargate Atlantis‘ Jason Momoa, better known as Ronon Dex and Kellen Lutz from the Twilight Saga. Executive  producer Joseph Mallozzi  is backing Jason Momoa  for the part … Read more