Will Jason Momoa Become The New Conan?

Conon is a reboot of the barbarian saga created by Robert E. Howard, rumors about who will step into Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, uh, loincloth are centering in part on Stargate Atlantis‘ Jason Momoa, better known as Ronon Dex and Kellen Lutz from the Twilight Saga.

Executive  producer Joseph Mallozzi  is backing Jason Momoa  for the part and has been quoted as saying:

My take?  Hell, yeah!  I think Jason would be perfect.  He possesses not only the requisite physical stature and bearing, but a genuine warrior’s spirit that would imbue the role with a depth and complexity others would be hard-pressed to match.  He’s also dedicated many years to honing his battle skills in both sword and hand to hand combat.  And, speaking from personal experience, I guarantee that Jason will go to unbelievable ends to research and prepare for the part, focusing his entirety on delivering what would no doubt be a big league performance. Finally, if you’re looking to draw a female audience in addition to those action-oriented males, then I’d say Jason’s good looks cement him as the ideal candidate to play Conan.