Initial Details Are Released

There has been much hype anticipation and speculation regarding the third spin off series of the Stargate franchise ‘Stargate Universe’. Executive producer Brad Wright reveals the first details of what this potential new series will involve.

The show will be based around the 9th chevron of the Stargate which has never been mentioned in any Stargate SG1 or Stargate Atlantis episodes to date. According to executive producer Brad Wright the Ancients set into motion millions of years ago, an experiment that sent two ships out to explore the entire universe and install Stargates in every single galaxy along the way.

The two ships both served different purposes, the first to seed the galaxies with Stargates and the second to explore each galaxy along the way.

The 9th chevron on the Stargate system is to connect to the so far unnamed Ancient ship which is currently exploring all the galaxies within the universe.

So far further details are still unavailable, and more information will be released as and when it is available. Stay tuned to the Atlantis Archive for more information regarding Stargate Universe.

3 thoughts on “Initial Details Are Released”

  1. I have to say that this sounds like it could be quite easily be a story line in an Atlantis episode, i simply do not know how they can make an entire series based on a ship travelling through space.

    Dont get me wrong it sounds like a great idea, but i dont think it will be a success. Perhaps one maybe 2 series before its a flop and gets cancelled

  2. I think that Stargate universe should begin with McKay messing around on his computer, going over a diagnostic of the Stargate, when he notices a new feature to the Stargate. Being the McKay that he is, he begins fooling around with it not knowing what it does and accidentally activates a wormhole leading to the ancients forgotten project.

  3. im sure i once saw a tv show about a space ship travelling in space i think it was called star trek and was there not another show called lost in space dont get me wrong but stargate universe sounds a bit like them

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