Itv 4 To Air Sanctuary In The United Kingdom

ITV4 is to air a new stylised sci-fi series from the makers of Stargate SG-1.

Sanctuary uses live-action actors with green-screen shooting and CGI to create a graphic novel feel along the lines of movie Sin City.

A 13-part series is in production for the Sci Fi Channel in the US.

Dave Fewings, ITV4 channel editor, said it would go to air in the UK later this year. He said: “Coming from the team behind Stargate and starring Amanda Tapping (Stargate), Sanctuary couldn’t have a better sci-fi pedigree. It’s absolutely at the cutting edge of the genre.”

The show began as an internet production in May 2007 and was picked up for television after proving a hit.

Sci Fi Channel’s Mark Stern said previously: “We were blown away by the level of quality they have been able to achieve on a web budget.

“We loved the world they’d created, and we particularly loved their approach, since we had been looking for a way to apply the virtual-set CGI environment from films like 300 and Sin City to a television series.”