Stargate Atlantis Meets Stargate Universe In Season Two Crossover Plot

It looks as though Stargate Atlantis fans will finally have some of their questions answered from the season 5 finale episode, “Enemy At The Gate” which aired over 18 months ago.

Atlantis fans have a number of questions that have still to be answered which include:

  1. Where is Atlantis now?

    When last we saw our fair city, it was parked in the waters of San Francisco.  Of course logic would dictate it couldn’t sit there for very long without rousing some suspicion or, at the very least, creating some inconvenience for boaters.

  2. If Atlantis is on Earth, does this mean Earth-based off-world ops are being conducted from the city?

    Shifting operations to Atlantis makes sense for a number of reasons – and could prove problematic for a host of others.  And that’s assuming that NORAD’s decision to place Cheyenne Mountain on warm stand-by has, in fact, impacted Stargate Command.  So, Cheyenne Mountain, Homeworld Command, or Atlantis?  Which is it?  Stay tuned.

  3. Has Atlantis taken up permanent residency in the Milky Way?

    If Atlantis has taken up permanent residence in the Milky Way, then it’s unlikely the Daedalus will be making a return trip to Pegasus anytime soon, meaning characters like Teyla, Kanaan (Yep, he made the trip.), Ronon, and Todd will be taking up permanent residence on Earth.  Or are they?  And if so, what the hell are they doing?

  4. Whats going to happen to Teyla, Ronan and Todd?

    All well and good for Ronon, Teyla, and Kanaan who chose to come along for the ride, but what about Todd who is now a prisoner on Earth?  And, hey, how are the authorities going to see to his unique dietary requirements

  5. IF Atlantis has remained in the Milky Way, does this mean that all of the members of the Atlantis expedition last scene in the series finale are still working as Atlantis staff?

    Well, it would make sense given that these individuals were chosen for their expertise and now find themselves in the even more attractive position of being able to go home every night (provided it’s not too busy).  In fact, I can see the I.O.A. assigning to Atlantis, but I can’t believe we’ll see many defections.

  6. And what about the personal lives of our crew?

    IF Atlantis has been on Earth since the events of Enemy at the Gate (What is that?  Almost a year?), how have the lives of our main characters progressed?

    Are Sheppard and Nancy rekindling their relationship?  Are McKay and Keller married yet?  Has Carson completely adjusted to the life he left behind?  Are Rodney and Radek still having it out on a daily basis?  Is Torren teaching his fellow pre-schoolers how to stick fight?  What’s going on with Ronon and Amelia?  Was Woolsey happily reunited with his yorkie?  Did Major Lorne come out with any personal revelations?

It is still unconfirmed which Atlantis cast members will feature in the Stargate Universe cross over, and fans will have to wait until Stargate Universe episode 15 airs.

Episode 15 will feature a number of crossovers presumably via the ancient communication stones, however final details have yet to be revealed so the crossovers could be by any means within the entire Stargate Franchise.