Battling The Blob

In Stargate Atlantis’ most visually spectacular episode to date, the Atlantis crew team up with the dreaded Wraith to stop the Replicators purging the Pegasus galaxy of human life. As one would expect, there are mega space battles, epic struggles and huge ships – and one very odd looking object that struck fear into Mark … Read more

Guest Star Returns

Season four’s second half will kick off in January with the return of a popular guest star. Mitch Pileggi reprises his role as the caustic Colonel Steven Caldwell, commander of the Earth battlecruiser, Daedalus. Caldwell was originally introduced in season two, to stir things up for the Atlantis crew and provide a little extra conflict … Read more

The Perfect Fit

With season four signaling so many changes for Stargate: Atlantis, Val Halverson sensed the time was right to give our heroes a bit of a new look. In fact, creating the team’s new outfits was one of her very first duties when she joined the crew. “I was coming on as a new designer, so … Read more