Exploring The New Stargate Universe With Lou Diamond Phillips

Stargate Universe acting legend Lou Diamond Phillips has taken time out of his busy season finale production schedule to answer a wide variety of questions with the team at ‘Deadbolt’. You can read an excerpt of the interview below: THE DEADBOLT: You look pretty cool inside the cockpit of a fighter. LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS: [laughs] … Read more

Why Lou Diamond Phillips Can’t Wait For Stargate Universe

Best known for his roles in La Bamba and the Young Gun movies, actor Lou Diamond Phillips will next be seen as Colonel Telford in Syfy’s highly anticipated new series Stargate Universe. “The landscape of the television and film industry is different these days,” notes Phillips. “It used to be if you were a film … Read more

Robert Carlyle Missed Out On The Stargate Spoiler Memo

Stargate Universe legend Robert Carlyle fortunately didn’t get the memo saying that stars of the third spin off ser series shouldn’t tell reporters what’s going to happen,. Carlyle headlines the mismatched destiny crew as Dr. Nicholas Rush, the reclusive leader who is responsible for an accident that sends a group of soldiers, scientists and civilians … Read more

Stargate Universe Actors & Actresses Answer The Fans Questions

The actors and actresses of the Stargate Universe team take time out of their busy production schedule on season one to answer a wide variety of the fans questions in this latest video featurette’s to be added to the sites media collection. Elyse Leveque Answers The Fans Questions   Jamil Walker Answers The Fans Questions … Read more