Christopher Heyerdahl Joins Supernatural

Christopher Heyerdahl is moving into the realm of the television series Supernatural starting the 12th March in the United States of America, Heyerdahl will be playing the role of Alastair who’s character is both dark and sinister. Christopher has been potrayed in many roles including his famous ‘Todd the Wraith’ who made his first appearance … Read more

Sanctuary Performing Strong

Amanda Tappings hit new show Sanctuary is currently perfoming better than expected in the United States of America with first week viewer audiences with a 2.2 average household rating. Approximately 2.7 million people tuned in to the U.S. premiere. Sanctuary is also currently airing in the United Kingdom every week on ITV 4 at 9pm. … Read more

Behind The Scenes On The Queen

Stargate Atlantis‘ final year has proved the most challenging of its run for actress Rachel Luttrell. Having welcomed her son into the world during the last weeks of filming on season four, the start of season five found her adjusting to the rigors of motherhood – whilst also being on set full time. Then, as … Read more

Close Up With Christopher Heyerdahl

Christopher Heyerdahl has been part of the Stargate: Atlantis universe since the pilot, ‘Rising’, though in his current incarnation, the Canadian actor is completely unrecognizable. Heryerdahl was originally cast as Teyla’s Athosian confidant and advisor Halling, who moved to the City along with his son. Gradually, however, we saw less and less of Halling, and … Read more