One Year Old Today, And Exclusive Competition

It is exactly one year ago today since the Stargate Archive opened its doors to the public, since our launch we have grown the site exponentionally adding a vast array of new content and completely free to use services which rival all of our competitors.

Since our launch we have welcomed over 352,000 visitors which is far higher than we had ever thought we could achieve when we first launched our site live on the internet.

It’s also been a hectic 12 months, with the announcement that Stargate Atlantis was to be cancelled after its fifth season we had to rebrand the site from โ€˜the Atlantis Archive’ to โ€˜the Stargate Archive’ a few months back.

We would like to personally thank each and every person who has visited the site and continues to visit the site time and time again we really appreciate all of your dedication, thoughts, and opinions which have helped to shape the site to what it is today.

As part of our 1 year anniversary we are also launching an exclusive birthday celebration competition which will end on the 6th November 2008. If you would like to enter for your chance to win a bumper Stargate package which includes:

  • Complete SG1 box set seasons 1 to 10
  • Stargate Atlantis seasons 1 to 4 box set
  • The Ark of Truth
  • Stargate Continuum

All you have to do is locate the following five images which have been placed around the site, and decipher what the symbols say. Once you have you answers simply email them in to us for your chance to win. There can be only one winner in this competition.

This is an example image

Thanks again for all your continued support during the past 12 months and we hope that you continue to vist time and time again in the next year and beyond.

Kind Regards,
The Stargate Archive Team

5 thoughts on “One Year Old Today, And Exclusive Competition”

  1. i personally love this site and have really enjoyed visiting over the past 12 months, and cant wait to enter this competition and hope that i win this time ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have to say i love the fact that this has never once had banner ads on it, it makes a change to find a site which isnt interested in making money out of us.

    keep up the great work!!!!

  2. Well done on creating a great website over the past year! It will be great to see it evolve further.
    I can only find two answers! Are you sure there’s 5?!

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