No Help For Stargate Universe Ratings Return

Stargate Universe may have moved to an all new time slot on Monday nights in the United States of America, however its new time and day hasn’t helped the shows ratings which have remained on an even keel since the shows return 2 weeks ago.

Season Two Ratings Summary

Episode Viewers in Millions
(Live+Same Day)
Viewers in Millions
(Live+7 Days)
Intervention 1.175  
Aftermath 1.070  
Awakening 1.222  
Pathogen 0.974  
Cloverdale 1.012  
Trial And Error 0.967  
The Greater Good 1.074  
Malice 1.025  
Visitation 1.169  
Resurgence 1.094  
Deliverance 1.035  

1 thought on “No Help For Stargate Universe Ratings Return”

  1. It doesn't mean that we should stop campaigning to save it and also the SGA movies and SG1 movie's are not going to continue….:(

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