Ming-Na And David Blue On Upcoming Aliens, Body-Swapping And Much More

At the 2010 Syfy Upfront, io9 caught up with Ming-Na and David Blue of Stargate Universe. Where they filled them in on Eli Wallace’s romantic prospects, Camille Wray’s rumored rise to power, and that body-swapping subplot.

You can read an excerpt of the interview below:

Ming, what are your thoughts on the controversial body-swapping issue that’s been getting play online?

Ming-Na: Doing the stone thing? I think most of our characters do the body-swapping and for us it’s definitely a necessity because one of the great things about Stargate the franchise is that it’s current – it takes place in our time. And if we lose that connection to Earth, it loses a big part of what Stargate‘s about. It’s about keeping things current and whatever’s going on in the world now is part of our show. So I love the fact that we do it. It gives a lot of back story about the characters and dealing with issues without having to do flashback scenes.

What would you say you like most about the women on SGU?

Ming-Na: I love everything about the women on SGU. They’re strong and sexy, thank you very much!

David, do you get a girlfriend this season?

David Blue: I get them all! (laughs) There’s some fun stuff knocking around. I know about the body-swapping, if I may weigh in, I love the controversy. I love it, I think it’s that what needs to be dealt with. When something is really on people’s minds, that’s why we should do a story about it and address that issue.

What sort of death toll are we looking at this season?

David Blue: Hopefully everyone but me! (laughs) It’s a survival sale. You’re going to be saying good-bye to some people. That’s why I have time to be here right now.

Ming, we’ve been hearing rumors that you’ll be assuming a leadership role this season. Care to elaborate?

Ming-Na: What I think that’s so fantastic about Wray is that she’s thrown into a situation that she normally wouldn’t find herself in, and she’s absolutely challenged to figure out what she can do and in the process she discovers what she is and isn’t capable of. It’s a real learning curve. I’m hoping that that process will help us move forward with what the ship is able to do and what Destiny can offer us.

What about the upcoming aliens?

David Blue: Did you see the trailer? They’re cool! They look amazing!

Ming-Na: They’re scary!

David Blue: They’re awesome. As much as I love the Goa’uld and I love the Ori and all that, they’re amazing to interact with and I think the fans are going to be stoked.

Interview courtesy of io9